Welcome to Melinda & Dave Rinehart's 12RoundsOrLess.com web site. We photograph boxing events within a two-hour drive of Akron, Ohio.

All photos on this site can be purchased through this site which is hosted by a company called "SmugMug". The gray translucent "© www.12RoundsOrLess.com" that appears at the bottom of each screen WILL NOT APPEAR on purchased printed photos. The photos can also be purchased on T-shirts, coffee mugs, on a deck of card, and other items. Enlargments can also be purchased. Amateur 4 X 6 LUSTER photos can be purchased for $0.21 (glossy photos are $0.19) each, $2.95 shipping & handling for up to 50 prints. Professional 4 X 6 LUSTER or GLOSSY photos can be purchased for $1.00 each, same shipping & handling costs.

DIRECTIONS ARE: Click on CATEGORY of boxing (Professional Boxing, ect.) in which you are interested. This will open up SUB-CATEGORIES, which are the boxing shows or events, sorted by DATE & LOCATION. Click on the event in which you are interested and you will find GALLERIES, which are the individual bouts.

Click on bout you wish to view and you will see a "Buy" button at the top of the enlarged photo. Click on the "Buy" button and you now have the opportunity to buy that photo or all the photos in the Gallery.

If you click on Buy "This Photo" the site will take you to the page where you can choose various sizes of photos. Note the Tabs at the top, click on MERCHANDISE and you can now buy that photo on a coffee cup, deck of cards, key fob, etc. or T-SHIRT! All T-shirts are priced at less than $25. Every champ needs to have a T-shirt with their picture on the front, and a deck of cards with their picture on every card! Make selections, and purchase with credit card. And Thanks for viewing our site!